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.two peas in a pod. by Raiyna .two peas in a pod. by Raiyna
I've returned! And with a picture~

My computer was out for nearly the last month, being completely STUPID, but now I've fixed it and I'm happy. u v u

This is a picture for :icondafthappiness: because she came in second place in my 500 Followers giveaway I held back in April! She asked for herself and her OC, Art. And they're both such cuties omg ; u ;

I'm extremely happy to be able to draw again. I've missed it so much, and drawing on paper just isn't fun to me anymore. sIGH I CAN NEVER BE AN ARTIST IF I CAN'T DRAW ON PAPER...

Daft + Art(oc) (c) ~DaftHappiness
Art (c) Me
DaftHappiness Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012
Oh my goodness, Miss Raiyna, it looks fabulous! Gosh, that saying, good things come to those who wait, well ain't that the truth! Please excuse me while I just gush because asdfghjkl looks flawless. I love the way you color and shade, it's just so smooth and beautiful, especially with the skin, around the collar bone and the neck andsdlhhfksf everything. And the cute little highlights just add to it ; u ; Also I have this thing for the way you draw noses because they are so adorable man, I wish I could draw them like that. And just the way you do eyes . They're just gorgeous. They're just so nicely shaped and bright and deep and all around perfect. I okay, just everything is perfect. From the face shapes to the hair styles and the eyebrows and the lips, everything is just flawless.

Thank you so much, Miss Raiyna, I love it. ; u ;
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June 15, 2012
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